Josie Day's first studio album is available RIGHT NOW! You can purchase it under the "Store" tab. Also find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and CD Baby!

Josie Day's first studio album is available RIGHT NOW! You can purchase it under the "Store" tab. Also find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and CD Baby!

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It’s no secret that the music biz is tougher than ever. With life offering so many options, only the best music, by the most driven, has a chance at trying to grab the brass ring. But keep in mind things get exponentially harder the further away from the mainstream limelight that you are. Which bring us to acclaimed singer, Josie Day.

Currently, Day is in the studio, putting the finishing touches on her debut EP. She’s a gifted pop vocalist who doesn’t shy away from hip-hop, R&B and rock influences. She is in the midst of a series of club dates honing her band in preparation for touring. She’s building a strong Southern California following through gigs ranging everywhere from the San Diego County Fair, to the Ramona Mainstage.

It’s all a long way from her native Malta.

Day began to perform in school musicals by age 8 and soon immersed herself in music, inspired to be a singer by the artists she saw on TV. “I was sixteen when that revelation came to me and I never looked back,” she said. “Being that Malta's music scene is pretty much nonexistent, there wasn't anywhere much to go with it. I had to do something. I realized at the age of seventeen that nobody was gonna write me songs, so out of necessity I started writing. I never considered myself a songwriter, nor did it come easy, but when I got inspired, magic happened - the melody would come to me and the words pretty much wrote themselves.” When she was 22 she began entering local singing contests. “I figured I needed to learn stage presence somewhere,” she said.

Josie Day arrived in San Diego by chance, via family, musical aspirations in place.

Since then, she has paid her dues in various bands and settings, with years of stage time to hone her craft. After a period of what might be termed pre-production, Day finally has the right songs and musicians in place, led by guitarist Eric Miller. Coming up through the San Diego bar scene, Day has established herself as a musical contender. “I'd always wanted to have my own cover band, so I could make a name for myself. Start getting a following,” she said. “And then begin sneaking in some originals, grow my brand from there. Now it's finally happening.”

For Day, making music isn’t just about entertaining. “It’s been about finding a place where I belong,” she said. “Filling that hole, "the 'what's my purpose in life?" hole. Many people choose a career or their career chooses them. A practical job, something within reach. To me, I never had that practical job or career in mind. I have no second career that would make me just as happy. Being able to sing in a band and getting to perform every week keeps me going, keeps me alive.”

Look for Josie Day to release her debut EP this spring. In the meantime, make catching one of her shows a priority. “I want to inspire people with my music on a bigger scale. I want my songs to help people through tough times, or just vent,” she said. “Just like many songs and artists I grew up listening to have done for me.”

Bio courtesy of Bart Mendoza.

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